• Follow me as I embark on a unique culinary journey in search of real food made by real people that is just really, really good. From backyard barbecues with friends and family to the finest fine dining restaurants, life is just too short not to try and taste it all.

Recipe – Blueberry Banana Bread

It’s no secret that I’m not a banana fan. In fact, unless my body is actually craving the potassium, it’s all I can do to choke a banana down. I don’t like the taste (unless they’re on the green side and sort of bland), and I definitely don’t like the texture. So, for the most … Continue reading

Recipe – Black & White Cookies

Okay, so between my recent move and the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year holiday craziness, this blog has been seriously neglected. But tonight, I am going to make it up to you and share the recipe for what my husband adamantly argues is the perfect cookie. Anyone who has lived in or visited a New York deli has probably … Continue reading

Recipe – Cheeseburger Soup

Fall is, hands down, my favorite of all the seasons. I love jeans. I love sweaters. I love cups of hot coffee and cocoa. And, most of all, I love soup. There’s just something about a good bowl of soup that can warm you right down to your soul and cure just about anything that … Continue reading

UNL Dairy Store – Lincoln, Nebraska

Since 1917, the UNL Dairy Store has been processing and selling dairy products to the general public. The combination of exceptionally fresh ingredients and extremely low prices have made it a favorite destination for anyone craving delicious homemade ice cream, cheeses, and even meat products. Located at the UNL East Campus location just off Holdrege Street, between 37th … Continue reading

Recipe – Cinnamel Apple Pie

I’ll admit, I was never much of a pie girl. Well, unless there was some sort of chocolate involved, but even then, I was pretty easy to please. Give me a graham cracker crust, some instant chocolate pudding and a little whipped cream on top, and I would be perfectly happy and think that you … Continue reading

Recipe – Homemade Chicken & Noodles

Everyone knows that the beginning of the fall and winter seasons is also the beginning of the cold and flu season. I don’t know if that’s what hit my family this week, but after a week of coughing and sneezing and being sick to our stomachs, I decided that a good ol’ fashioned home remedy might be … Continue reading

Recipe – Tortellini Vegetable Soup

Fall has always been my favorite season. From the weekends filled with football to the sunny sweater-wearing weather, the other seasons just can’t beat it. One of the best things about Fall is opening up the cookbook and digging out those hearty soup and stew recipes that spent the summer hibernating in the back of … Continue reading

Recipe – Cap’n Crunch French Toast

Looking back on all the picky-eating years during my childhood and adolescence, I can only wonder how many really amazing meals I missed. Thank goodness I came to my senses and started cooking, eating, and really enjoying food. These days, I’m an adventurous eater, and I love trying out new recipes. I don’t tend to … Continue reading

Fox Restaurant Concepts

Are you tired of the same old chain restaurants with their carbon copy menus and cluttered interiors? Are you looking for fresh, creative meals served in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere? If you’re looking for something different and delicious, look no further than Fox Restaurant Concepts. In 1998, Sam Fox opened Wildflower in Tucson, the first … Continue reading

Litchfield’s at the Wigwam Resort – Litchfield Park, AZ

In August 2010, when The Wigwam Resort began its $7 million renovations, everyone knew that the end result was going to be something special. Among the slew of new amenities and upgraded resort experiences is the grand opening of Litchfield’s restaurant in January 2011. Open nightly for dinner, Litchfield’s offers mouthwatering farm-to-table fare made from … Continue reading